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F*** My Peace Corps Life.

Some days, all you can do is laugh.


The only projects that get OKed by my counterparts are ones that they can embezzle money from. FMPCL

Namibia about 1 month ago     view →

survived training, endured so much bull shit, learned a very complicated language (well for the most part the basics) BUT was placed in a region dominated by the minorities that do not even speak the HCN language or practice the same culture .. really?

Georgia 5 months ago     view →

After having a full twenty-five minute conversation on the train, understanding every single word, and responding appropriarely, the man I was talking to ended the conversation with: "This is my stop, also your Macedonian is really weak."

Macedonia, The Republic of 6 months ago     view →

Celebrated my birthday by the river, best friend gets bit by a DONKEY...TWICE... not even a minute later, my boyfriend, another volunteer cuts his hand with a rusty axe while chopping wood. FMPCL

Ukraine 8 months ago     view →

Woke up to find a mouse swimming in the pee in my chamber pot.

Cambodia 8 months ago     view →

A handful of PCVs got drunk and stupid in the capital during IST and embassy staff saw them and told our CD. The whole cohort got a scolding for the actions of a few. FMPCL, and particularly PCVs who act like idiot teenagers.

Cambodia 10 months ago     view →

I recently discovered a website with so many privileged whiners it made me question how proud I am to be a PCV.

Uganda 10 months ago     view →

cooking dinner a torrential rain storm blew open my kitchen door drenched my cook stove, matches and fuel. oh, none of my food can be eaten raw.

Tanzania 11 months ago     view →

On a 14hr long bus ride to the capitol and got shit on by a baby in the first hour. Stewing in diarrhea and its nit even my own this time. FMPCL

Zambia 11 months ago     view →

SMS: "I'm in Windhoek." Translation: "When a Namibian travels to Windhoek he/she cannot call you, cannot email you, cannot do anything with you...and has a 3-word texting limit."

Namibia 11 months ago     view →

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