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F*** My Peace Corps Life.

Some days, all you can do is laugh.


Not sure what's had a rougher time here my liver or pancreas.

Tanzania 17 days ago     view →

Been depressed for about a couple months now. I haven't been in to the office consistently for months, because my CP has been a bitch to me from the start of service. For instance, she doesn't even acknowledge my presence, even when I say hello to her.

Philippines 29 days ago     view →

Runnin in a field, totally bit it and face planted. PCMOs tell me it's just a bad ankle sprain, i'm about to cos, deal with it. 2 years later turns out i ruptured 2 ligaments completely and i had severe cartilage damage. FMPCL

Ukraine about 1 month ago     view →

During my whole of service I barely had any intestinal problems unlike many of my fellow volunteers. I just returned home to the states and I shit 6 times a day and almost joined the club.....twice.....

Zambia about 1 month ago     view →

Dude at bar buys me a drink. Proceeds to tell me he kills "other" foreigners, but not me. Also details plan to get America into WW3 with China and Russia.

Mongolia 3 months ago     view →

Today, after an intense struggle of hitchhiking with my pissed off cat to the next village because "they definitely have shots", I returned covered in poop and pee, and with an unvaccinated cat. You win again, Africa.

South Africa 4 months ago     view →

I'm having tea tonight because I have diarrhea but if I'm not seen cooking anything my host family will force me to eat. Also, biting ants have invaded my toilet, slightly complicating my current circumstances;)

Zambia 4 months ago     view →

Coughing up blood. Throwing up. Stuck in my village. No transport. Tropical storm in progress. Call PCMO to seek help. They tell me to take peptobismal!

Mozambique 4 months ago     view →

Found out my 12 year old host sister got caught having sex and moved away and will likely drop out of school...

Zambia 5 months ago     view →

Treating a guy for STI at my hospital. He proceeds to hit on me. On the up side, leaned how to say "I am not an idiot, you filthy disease ridden slut" in three languages.

Gambia, The 5 months ago     view →

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