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F*** My Peace Corps Life.

Some days, all you can do is laugh.


I was woken up to the wonderful sounds of dogs barking (not unnormal) but when I walked outside, I found an orgy of stray dogs fucking on my doorstep

Thailand 30 days ago     view →

CD just messaged "the news updates about Ebola most likely refers to strains that have been in the region before." So... When you choose your Ebola, make sure its East African and not West, its much more comforting! FMPCL

Tanzania about 1 month ago     view →

A hcn driver speeds to the intersection and stops an inch from my body. After my heart nearly jumps out of my chest, I threw my arms in the air as to say "what the fuck?!?" He smiles and waves.

South Africa about 1 month ago     view →

Freak rainstorm in the middle of dry season. The only leak in my roof is directly above my bed. FMPCL.

Zambia about 1 month ago     view →

I was fresh out of training. I hired a fella to work for me; 50 usd/month to feed a family of ten. I was told "so and so stole from last PCv 3 weeks before he was too leave". So... I hired him anyway. Three weeks before I was to leave, it happened to me.

Malawi 2 months ago     view →

A sent a package to my HCN friend with books for the children. Now she is grumbling that the books aren't good enough.

Liberia 2 months ago     view →

Yesterday my 12 year old host cousin, who also happens to be my student, got circumcised. I was asked if i wanted to see him and his post snipped wiener. I said no. Now everyone in my village is talking about how Miss was too afraid to see the penis.

Indonesia 4 months ago     view →

So there have been recent instances of plague about 4 hours northwest of my site. I have peeling sunburns on both arms. The locals on the street just frown and look at my arms like, "This foreigner caught the plague, he certainly will kill us all..."

China 4 months ago     view →

Aaaaand I've got lice, as if my hair hasn't gone through enough

China 5 months ago     view →

No Peanut Butter OR Hazelnut Butter. And no cheese.

China 6 months ago     view →

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