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F*** My Peace Corps Life.

Some days, all you can do is laugh.


Hooked up with a host country national last night, and THREE condoms broke. Thanks for the cheap quality, developing alcoholism, and possible HIV country that borders with

Swaziland about 7 hours ago     view →

Today, I couldn't sleep because of an incessant scratching noise. When I finally got up and started making the bed, I realized I had suffocated a mouse in my pillow.

Senegal 6 days ago     view →

Was taking a bus to IST, and it broke down in the bush, left us stranded for over 15 hours..without water or food

Zambia 8 days ago     view →

My entire house flooded (leaking roof) found out my host mother sold the grass she got for me, and all the grass has been burned..hello rainy season for next 6 my house...

Zambia 8 days ago     view →

So my roof is leaking, my entire house flooded over all my stuff, my host mother sold the grass she got for me months ago because I wouldn't pay for it, didn't tell me and all the grass has been burned...hello flooded house for next 6 months...

Zambia 8 days ago     view →

My mom is having a legit mental breakdown and running a 28yr marriage into the ground, but refuses to come home to save herself or her relationship or her family. Apparently the PC frowns on visits home so dirty stranger orphans win over us. Yay PC!!

Moldova 21 days ago     view →

Nothing like waking up with a lung full of your neighborhood's coal exhaust because they don't see the point of installing a five dollar US chimney on their shack, even if I hand them the money to do so. I've already developed asthma. FMPCL.

China 28 days ago     view →

I was woken up to the wonderful sounds of dogs barking (not unnormal) but when I walked outside, I found an orgy of stray dogs fucking on my doorstep

Thailand about 1 month ago     view →

CD just messaged "the news updates about Ebola most likely refers to strains that have been in the region before." So... When you choose your Ebola, make sure its East African and not West, its much more comforting! FMPCL

Tanzania 2 months ago     view →

A hcn driver speeds to the intersection and stops an inch from my body. After my heart nearly jumps out of my chest, I threw my arms in the air as to say "what the fuck?!?" He smiles and waves.

South Africa 2 months ago     view →

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