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F*** My Peace Corps Life.

Some days, all you can do is laugh.


Yesterday my 12 year old host cousin, who also happens to be my student, got circumcised. I was asked if i wanted to see him and his post snipped wiener. I said no. Now everyone in my village is talking about how Miss was too afraid to see the penis.

Indonesia about 1 month ago     view →

So there have been recent instances of plague about 4 hours northwest of my site. I have peeling sunburns on both arms. The locals on the street just frown and look at my arms like, "This foreigner caught the plague, he certainly will kill us all..."

China about 1 month ago     view →

Aaaaand I've got lice, as if my hair hasn't gone through enough

China 3 months ago     view →

No Peanut Butter OR Hazelnut Butter. And no cheese.

China 4 months ago     view →

The corner market has five brands of hazelnut butter, but no PEANUT butter. FMPCL

Azerbaijan 4 months ago     view →

This site proves my suspicions: PCVs are all just a bunch of entitled jackasses. Oh wait, but it's so funny, so it's okay to belittle people...

Mauritania 4 months ago     view →

Supposed to leave for Azerbaijan on April 2nd, but the country's Peace Corps program was shut down on April 1st. I will now be going to Mozambique instead, but not until Sept. I still have no apartment, no job, no phone, and no health insurance.

Azerbaijan 4 months ago     view →

Benzene in my water. 300 times the U.S. limit.

China 4 months ago     view →

At my gf homestead I had to use the latrine during the night but I was too afraid to go to the latrine for fear of being taken for muti. I decided to relieve myself behind her rondavel in a plastic bag. She waited listening by the door in case someone ap

Swaziland 4 months ago     view →

I gave my HCN friend a pair of shoes. The next day she yelled at me and called me selfish infront of her son's teacher.

Sierra Leone 4 months ago     view →

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