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F*** My Peace Corps Life.

Some days, all you can do is laugh.


Went to make pancakes, weevils in the flour, slightly-formed fetus in the chicken egg, ants in the syrup. Closed my eyes and ate it anyway.

Sierra Leone over 5 years ago     view →

walking up the road to the co-op when a cow comes running out of the desert with a bra flying from its antlers like a flag! Where's my camera? oh yeah full of sand in my hut...

Niger over 5 years ago     view →

Riding in an overcrowded "bush taxi" thru the desert in Niger. Man sitting on the metal bar above my head lost his balance and tea bagged my face! scarred for life!

Niger over 5 years ago     view →

Saw a camel sitting in my friends village with boys holding the reins. They said I should sit so my friend could take a photo while they held the camel still. I sat, the boys smacked camel in the ass and let go of reins. Ended up with 2 broken ribs.

Niger over 5 years ago     view →

I smiled at a 4 year-old child in the street today. He asked me for money and when I said “sorry, no money” in the local language, he kicked me in the shin and then threw his sandal at me--all while his parents watched, nodding in approval. FMPCL

Philippines over 5 years ago     view →

A mother with her 2 children take the seat next to me on the bus. The oldest one proceeds to assault me, she starts to breast feed the other. Child one then turns his aggression to his mother. The result - I end up with breast milk all over my lap. FMPCL.

Ecuador over 5 years ago     view →

Today I was walking to the outside toilet of my host family house, when i noticed the outdoor shower door was WIDE open. I walked over to close it and found my host grandmother pants down, ass up in front of the faucet SCRUBBING away. FMPCL

Azerbaijan over 5 years ago     view →

Spent the first week at site shitting more than 20 times a day for 4 days and having horrible stomach pains. PCMO said just drink lots of fluid before they hooked me up with some sweet meds. Plus side, finished Harry Potter in spanish on the shitter.FMPCL

Ecuador over 5 years ago     view →

Today I had my first date with a HCN and had to leave in the middle of our lunch to have explosive diarrhea. I told him there was a really long line for the restroom. FMPCL.

Philippines over 5 years ago     view →

A man seated behind me on the bus puked his guts out all over the floor. His puke completely drenched my backpack and later me as I unbeknowingly slung the mighty pack over my shoulder upon arrival at the terminal. Spent another 2 hours on the bus. FMPCL

Ecuador over 5 years ago     view →

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