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F*** My Peace Corps Life.

Some days, all you can do is laugh.


Rode in the back of a knuckle with the windows wired shut and stood over a woman vomiting in a plastic in 105 heat... Yum, Looked like she had kouskous....

Morocco over 5 years ago     view →

We prepared for the 17 hour bus ride with fully charged mp3 players, books, and snacks. Eight hours into the ride the bus broke down and didn't move for 10 hours because it ran out of oil and they couldn't get a ride to a store until morning. FMPCL.

Morocco over 5 years ago     view →

I went on vacation and came home to find that my dog had been eaten by my family for my host dad's birthday.

Philippines over 5 years ago     view →

The best advice I ever got was to never let go of my inner child. Now I can't even remember what it's like to have fun. :(

Armenia over 5 years ago     view →

The new PC doctor is pretty hot and I got a very visible erection when she was giving me my COS exam. It didn't exactly work out the way it usually does in the movies.

Armenia over 5 years ago     view →

Woke up at 2am shivering convulsively to the point that my muscles had all begun cramping, pillow and mattress completely saturated in sweat, delirious and hallucinating with a 104 degree fever. Malaria, you've beaten me once again. FMPCL

Togo over 5 years ago     view →

Taxi with holes in the floor + dangerously hot exhaust pipe just under me + going over puddles in rainy season = multiple steam burns on the backs of my legs. Worst four hours ever.

Benin over 5 years ago     view →

Tried holding a PACA meeting with the lgu. After saying the word paca, the health care worker shouted in excitement, "Yes! thats it! A pap smear campaign! He wants to do a Pap smear campaign!" ---I quietly left

Philippines over 5 years ago     view →

after 13 years of being openly gay and feeling no shame about it in the states, I was surprised to see that when confronted with the question "are you gay" at a friend's dinner party I almost burst into tears. FMPCL

Macedonia, The Republic of over 5 years ago     view →

Another volunteer sat on me while we were drinking and wrestling in the mountains. One of the last things to happen when one is about to die from compressive asphyxia is to shit yourself. FMPCL

Armenia over 5 years ago     view →

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