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I thought I joined an organization full of kind, respectful people. Then I found this site. Guess we're all a bunch of whiny SOBs that should've kept our ethnocentricism back in the states. FMPCL and F you all.

Azerbaijan about 10 years ago     view →

Drank 3 liters of vodka with an Aussie couch surfer. Passed out face down on the floor, pissed myself & nearly caught pneumonia. Woke up 20 minutes before a site visit from the CD with hardwood floor marks on my face & 2 gallons of Aussie puke on my floor

Armenia almost 10 years ago     view →

Took out about $800 and spent it within a few hours (mainly on booze and strippers). When I realized what I had done the next morning, I reported my card stolen and got all the money back. Two weeks later, I did it again.

Armenia almost 10 years ago     view →

Today I got labeled an "ethnocentric" by another PCV for sharing some of the elements of my service which have made me uncomfortable, and laughing with other PCVs about their own experiences. Then they said "F... you all" and I thought "Geez, I didn't kno

Macedonia, The Republic of about 10 years ago     view →

6 months into my service it turned out my host mother was the town hooker. Wish i had learned this fact before I had sex with her. I might have something!?! Now what do I tell my wife?

Ecuador about 9 years ago     view →

I was fondled and almost kidnapped by a taxi driver then 5 months later I was mugged with a knife. Both happened on the way to the school at 7:30am. You wanna poke fun at this one Mr. or Miss Armenia PCV? FMExPCL

China almost 10 years ago     view →

I undercooked my potatoes! No!!

China over 9 years ago     view →

Woke up today happy to sleep in. Then I started bleeding from my ass, and later bleeding from my nose. My mid-service medical is Monday. FMPCL

Ukraine almost 10 years ago     view →

In a taxi back to my site, the driver insisted that I must be from France because I speak English. He refused to believe me that I was from the US. FMPCL.

Azerbaijan about 10 years ago     view →

Everytime we visited a city near the capital, a group of us would stay at the same hotel. Our goal: try to demolish everything that wasn't bolted down. Not only were we welcomed back with open arms but one of us was even serviced by a cleaning lady.

Armenia almost 10 years ago     view →


A few of the other volunteers are so bitter and childish that they need to make stuff up or blow it way out of proportion in order to feel good about their life then post it on FMPCL AND hit the Yep, that sucks! button themselves. Sad Isn't?

Armenia almost 10 years ago     view →

The massage parlor in Yerevan, if you paid the right price you could get a hand job. I went with my host father, I gotta say was not as weird as I thought.

Armenia about 9 years ago     view →

Served in the Peace Corps with that other person posting from Armenia. FMPCL.

Armenia almost 10 years ago     view →

I am rich as fuck and hung like a moose. But I cant get any of the female PCVs to sleep with me, cuz they are all bigoted feminist. FMPCL

Zambia over 8 years ago     view →

In response to a bunch of the PCV posts from Armenia. F*** YOUR Peace Corps life. Have some shame and decency. If you want to live like f**ing low lifes, do it in the US. You give the rest of us a bad name and then brag about it on the internet.

Philippines almost 10 years ago     view →

Everyone back home now thinks my country is a beautiful, modern place. Damn you Eurovision, this place is still a shit hole, no mater what you see on TV!

Azerbaijan almost 10 years ago     view →

I was just in a good spot with my service and found this website as an excuse to ruin my positive attitude every time I'm on the internet...fmpcl

Azerbaijan about 10 years ago     view →

At my site I got super drunk at a party and puked all over the couch cover in my room. The couch in the living room had the same cover, I switched them out. The host mom blamed the boy and spanked the hell out of him

Armenia about 9 years ago     view →

I thought my neighbor's mulberry bush was the People's, and took all the berries. Now he hates me. FMPCL

China about 10 years ago     view →

Hi my names Ray Barnhill. I'm an RPCV from Cambodia 69-71. While serving in Cambodia I met many a slant eyed whore. At that time condoms were not in wide use. I saw my first positive herpieees test in the PC dr.'s office.

Cambodia almost 10 years ago     view →


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