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A child latched onto my nipple. FMPCL

Burkina Faso over 8 years ago     view →

A tornado hit outside of my village at the same time I had food poisoning. so I had to stay in an outhouse going between pooping and vomiting while the door blew open and rain poured in on me.

Georgia over 8 years ago     view →

Found out I should invest in a wash rag, since I didn't make it to the bathroom and ended up crapping on the floor.... And the only thing available to wipe it up with at the moment were my dirty socks. Also, need to invest in new socks.

Peru over 8 years ago     view →

Hey guy who's calling me "Mami" (like that works to pick up a girl), instead of just sexualizing me, want to at least offer to help me carry my bags? I'll still turn you down, but at least you'll be a gentleman!

Panama over 8 years ago     view →

I am surrounded by such horribly incompetent fellow volunteers on so many levels that proper English grammar is just example #7523998 - "an smelly old guy".

Morocco about 8 years ago     view →

I had a tarantula fall from my thatch roof onto my pillow that was so large that the thump woke me up. I opened my eyes to a large hairy monster 1 inch from my face...fmpcl.

Paraguay over 8 years ago     view →

I woke up this morning and I was still in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone almost 7 years ago     view →

During a discussion about gang activity with a local teacher, I learned that there weren't many gangs because they don't have that many ni**ers in the community. What the??? I'm black and she just said this like it was a fact.

Suriname over 8 years ago     view →

Peace Corps Med office sent me to site with insulin but no needles to inject it. Also neglected to give me test strips to test my blood sugar levels. Thank god I came from the US prepared. FMPCL.

Ukraine almost 8 years ago     view →

Proofreading a 25 page translation that needs to be done by the morning. Here is an excerpt: "The morning is gilded with a loaf of bread and pure love as a proof for the long existence...." FMPCL.

Macedonia, The Republic of over 8 years ago     view →


I was only able to get through half of my lesson plans this week because i have a cold. Everytime i sneezed or coughed my sixty kids class became uncontrollable because white people aren't supposed to have bodily functions. Fmpcl

South Africa over 8 years ago     view →

Today, my host brother pissed on me so I threw a rock at his head. I then bribed him with a toy from the village store to not only stop crying but to blame the bump on another kid. It worked.

Armenia over 8 years ago     view →

That awkward moment when the PCMO tells you that your apartment is causing you to develop asthma. Guess Im stayin' with the host fam!

China over 8 years ago     view →

The taxi driver asked my older host brother how much did he pay for me.

Moldova over 8 years ago     view →

I smiled at a 4 year-old child in the street today. He asked me for money and when I said “sorry, no money” in the local language, he kicked me in the shin and then threw his sandal at me--all while his parents watched, nodding in approval. FMPCL

Philippines over 8 years ago     view →

I arrived at the garage early, and I claimed the front seat of a car. I was moved to the very back seat 2 hours later, because women aren't allowed to sit up front. FMPCL

Senegal over 8 years ago     view →

Got food poisoning after eating forest mushrooms with host fam during training. Then they kicked me out cause they thought I threw up cause I was doing drugs. Then Training Director told me I had cultural blinders on.

Ukraine over 8 years ago     view →

We had to swab our urethra's with q-tips the size of toilet plungers in order to prove we had no sexually transmitted diseases in order to be qualified to run a summer camp for children because we didn't pay the appropriate bribes.

Moldova over 8 years ago     view →

Today, I went to Walmart to buy myself peanut butter, jelly, and a loaf of bread. The day isn't even over - my loaf of bread is gone and both jars are half empty. FMPCL!

China over 8 years ago     view →

St. Patty's Day, decided to (for the 1st time since being at site for 7mo) have a couple drinks at the only bar in my com. A month later I find myself on 'probabtion' from my supervisor cuz someone said, "we don't have a PCV we have a druggie." FMPCL

Jamaica over 8 years ago     view →


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