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Wow. Take a look at the posts which have made our readers most upset.

I got crabs from the bed linens at COS conference. And then, after shearing, and waiting for my bed sheets to dry, I developed a sinus infection from sleeping under a down blanket. Worst souvenir ever. FMPCL.

Armenia over 9 years ago     view →

Today, I accidentally texted the CD instead of my sitemate. I told him I thought he was a dick for spending so much time in the capitol. FMPCL.

Senegal over 9 years ago     view →

Dropped my toothbrush down the toilet. Fished it out, boiled it for 5 minutes, and it's back in service. FMPCL.

Ecuador over 9 years ago     view →

Yesterday the maintenance man came to do "work" on the water pipe he laid down last month -- but he stole a big section of the pipe instead and poked holes in the rest to render it inoperative. FMPCL.

Kenya over 9 years ago     view →

In response to a bunch of the PCV posts from Armenia. F*** YOUR Peace Corps life. Have some shame and decency. If you want to live like f**ing low lifes, do it in the US. You give the rest of us a bad name and then brag about it on the internet.

Philippines over 9 years ago     view →

I fell in the (haunted) well. Shouts for help drove the village into hiding rather than coming to my rescue. Thanks to the brave souls who came to get me out...6 hours later!

Senegal over 9 years ago     view →

walking up the road to the co-op when a cow comes running out of the desert with a bra flying from its antlers like a flag! Where's my camera? oh yeah full of sand in my hut...

Niger over 9 years ago     view →

It only took me 3 years after I finished my service to realize I completely wasted my life in PC.

Armenia over 8 years ago     view →

On the same day I found out I have inactive TB, I got shit on by a pigeon inside the train station. FMPCL.

Ukraine over 9 years ago     view →

All the guys spend their time at the tourist spots banging backpacker chicks and drinking free drinks from american tourists. The girls deal with threats of rape on a daily basis. Peace Corps Admin. could care less.

Belize about 6 years ago     view →


Changed out of my PCV gear into some American clothes (jeans and blouse) to dance at our COS party. A stinging pain sears up my leg and I grab my pocket and run into a room to take off the pants. A scorpion crawls out of the pocket

Niger over 9 years ago     view →

After two years of working my ass off for my community, during my very last week in my site a group of people at a town party said I "did not do as much as the last volunteer" and that they really learned nothing from me whatsoever. AWESOME.

Peru about 9 years ago     view →

Teenage taxi driver tells me he wants to have sex with me at the hotel. I have my hand on the door handle, he's pawing at my legs and speeding up the car. I tell him we should stop for a drink first and as soon as the car slows, I tuck, roll and run. WTF.

Peru over 9 years ago     view →

Waking up sweaty at night and choking on a cockroach

El Salvador over 9 years ago     view →

I took a shit.

Afghanistan over 7 years ago     view →

Today, I was waiting on a bench for a bus and the man next to me ejaculated on my foot. FMPCL.

Senegal over 9 years ago     view →

was invited by my village to a "women's ceremony" in the middle of the bush... I guess female circumcision ceremonies are a good reason to have a dance party, but seeing little girls getting mutilated didn't really put me in a celebratory mood

Gambia, The almost 9 years ago     view →

I thought my neighbor's mulberry bush was the People's, and took all the berries. Now he hates me. FMPCL

China over 9 years ago     view →

Went to make pancakes, weevils in the flour, slightly-formed fetus in the chicken egg, ants in the syrup. Closed my eyes and ate it anyway.

Sierra Leone over 9 years ago     view →

If you scream at me louder I will suddenly understand the foreign language you are speaking to me while I try to explain in your native language that I do not speak Russian or Turkish but only YOUR language, Georgian.

Georgia over 9 years ago     view →


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