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Was at a birthday party. A man found out I am half Chinese then said, "Let me see your eyes. No they aren't (pulls corner of eyelid) like China." Lucky for him I don't punch people in the mouth. FMPCL

Macedonia, The Republic of over 9 years ago     view →

Another volunteer sat on me while we were drinking and wrestling in the mountains. One of the last things to happen when one is about to die from compressive asphyxia is to shit yourself. FMPCL

Armenia over 9 years ago     view →

Today a maintaince man at my school saw me eating an orange. He then told me that he sees me eating all the time and since there are so many calories in oranges I'm going to turn into a fat American.

Macedonia, The Republic of over 9 years ago     view →

I woke up one morning to see two horses having sex outside my apartment window. FMPCL.

Romania over 9 years ago     view →

My best (and only) friend was craving a Big n' Tasty so he took the train up to Tbilisi (thats where the closest) to go get one. He didn't send in a vacation request and was caught, he's getting kicked out. Now I have no PC friends.

Armenia over 9 years ago     view →

Learned astral projection from some of Carlos Castenenda's group and Silva Mind Control and Urantia people, but backed off...couldn't control kinda scary. Rolled out of my body at Manuel Antonio and floated next to my bed.

Costa Rica over 8 years ago     view →

Today, the taxi I was in ran out of fuel. The driver pulled over, and filled up a vegetable oil bottle under the hood with diesel from a water bottle in the glove compartment. FMPCL.

Senegal over 9 years ago     view →

COSed nearly a year ago and I still can't stop watching The Wire!

Armenia over 9 years ago     view →

Watching paint dry while real life happens back in the states. It's too hot to do anything.

Azerbaijan over 9 years ago     view →

Today, I had to put another blanket on my bed because it dipped below 85┬░F last night. FMPCL.

Gambia over 9 years ago     view →


Dropped a cell phone down the outhouse hole. Tried to get it back with multiple farm tools. Had to tell my mom and her friend. They put together more tools, including a candle tied to a stick. My host dad just asked, Are you sure it's there? Yup....

Kazakhstan over 9 years ago     view →

I had to come back to Azerbaijan from Georgia. fmpcl

Azerbaijan over 9 years ago     view →

Today, I was told I am not a woman because I wasn't wearing earrings. FMPCL.

Senegal over 9 years ago     view →

Woke up round 8:30am, started a lil paint project in my house at maybe 11ish? Finished round 12:30pm. I'm beat and want to sleep the rest of the day. I am at mid service, and fear my life when I have to get a 9-5 job in a year...

Jamaica over 9 years ago     view →

Assumed that warming up my thermal top on top of my metal wood-stove was a good idea, the poly-blend promptly melted plastic all over the stove. Had to put out my fire to avoid inhaling the burning plastic fumes froze all night, my shirt is full of holes

Macedonia, The Republic of over 8 years ago     view →

Today, I went to a mobile phone store in the capital city, pulled out my phone, and asked them if they had any replacements for that model. The salesman's only reply was to laugh in my face. FMPCL.

Guinea over 9 years ago     view →

My partner told me that the reason I got sunburnt is because I don't eat enough meat. FMPCL.

Moldova over 9 years ago     view →

Today, I tried to buy my first coffee Stateside as an RPCV. Brought my Peace Corps wallet with no American money. The nice woman behind me in line bought the coffee; I paid her 1,000 West African CFA! FMPCL.

Senegal about 9 years ago     view →

Parents sent me a care package full of some cookies and candies, so I had a lot of plastic wrappers in this month's trash. Neighbors grab the trash bag from me and yell about how useful candy wrappers are. They then burn the other plastic bags, wrappers?

Benin about 9 years ago     view →

Was walking through a wooded area with a friend when a huge black mamba crossed the path in front of us. My friend walked with crutches as she'd had polio as a child. My first thought: "I can run faster than her, I'm safe!"

Kenya over 9 years ago     view →


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