How about a nice big mug of legalese?

Ick, no thanks. I'll head back to the fun, if you don't mind. (We don't, for the record.)


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This website is a HUMOROUS site: a home for COMEDY. If something you find here offends you, please direct your attention elsewhere. It is run by individuals who have served HAPPILY with the United States Peace Corps, and would highly recommend it. They also dearly love their host families, and FMPCL moments are NOT meant to reflect negatively on any PCV's country of service.

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This site is in no way affiliated with the United States Peace Corps, nor should the HUMOROUS anecdotes (FMPCLs) shared here be taken as criticisms of the United States Peace Corps, it's administration, or the various countries in which it is active.

Today, my younger brother landed a job fresh out of college. He is making $65,000 a year. I make $275 a month. FMPCL.

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Whew. That ought to do it for pseudo-legal mumbo-jumbo. Now just relax and enjoy the site, would you?

This service has been brought to you by the struggles and suffering of Peace Corps Volunteers worldwide. Lucky them.
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