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I got crabs from the bed linens at COS conference. And then, after shearing, and waiting for my bed sheets to dry, I developed a sinus infection from sleeping under a down blanket. Worst souvenir ever. FMPCL.

Armenia over 9 years ago     view →

Had a strep infection on my face that made my cheek swell to massive proportions. Got 4 excruciating shots a day for a week. Was told by PCMO "Don't worry, it won't scar much, and not all men care so much about physical beauty in women"

Niger over 9 years ago     view →

One of the rats that lives in my ceiling peed on my face while I was sleeping.

Benin about 9 years ago     view →

had diarrhea and was vomiting at the same time. couldn't make it to the outhouse so ended up in the fetal position, on the ground, vomiting and pooped myself at the same time. hard to control both ends. low point in my service. FMPCL!

Kazakhstan over 9 years ago     view →

today I have no water and no money. I just ate a couple of uncooked potatos and I'm just going to pretend they are apples.

Azerbaijan about 9 years ago     view →

At night, the rats use the top of my mosquito net like a trampoline and the strings attaching it to the ceiling like a tightrope. I try not to dream of the circus. FMPCL

Gambia, The over 9 years ago     view →

Been robbed twice in one month. I have nothing of value left to lose.

Kenya over 8 years ago     view →

First visit home in almost 2.5 years & couldn't wait to do laundry. Instead of hours hunched over my washtub I'd be able to press a button and walk away. Instead, the washer broke in the middle of my 1st load & I had to rinse and wring my clothes by hand.

Philippines over 9 years ago     view →

Had to bury the 11 year old son of a tribal cheftaine, died from an attack on the cheftaine because of his defiance to large scale mining interests. Worst funeral of my life

Philippines almost 9 years ago     view →

My host mom asked me to come with her to run an errand, not telling me where we were going. Turns out we went to embalm a corpse at a neighbor's house. I still smell like formaldehyde.

Ecuador about 9 years ago     view →


was giving a speech at a local event and wanted to know how to say bless you all. Asked a student how to say it in Russian. He thought it would be funny if I said fuck you all. Yup this is how my entire village met me.

Ukraine almost 9 years ago     view →

The first time going to site Peace Corps sent me on a 7 hour, overnight cargo ship. I got to my island at 4am and no one was awake. It was dark, I was soaking wet from the 10 minute dingy ride to shore and I had no idea where my house was. FMPCL

Vanuatu over 8 years ago     view →

In village I passed out from heat stroke so I ate an orange for a boost of Vit C. Lucky for me I ate half of it before realizing it was filled with maggots. Now I didn't only feel like I was going to die, I felt like I was going to die shitting my pants.

Ghana over 9 years ago     view →

I thought I had gonorrhea and went to the PCMO about it, she said I just needed to bathe and change my underwear more often.

Armenia over 9 years ago     view →

I'm Asian. At some point on any trip, a pack of random people will surround me and try to get into my backpack, repeating in Russian, "What are you selling, chink?!" Wish I was selling some magical anti-racism powder. But no one would want to buy that.

Azerbaijan almost 9 years ago     view →

So much for RPCV looking good on a resume. I COSed and have been unemployed since (8 Months). FMPCL.

Ethiopia over 9 years ago     view →

Not only did I fall in the latrine; I sprained my knee falling into the latrine.

Bolivia over 9 years ago     view →

I was on a bush taxi when it broke down. After an hour they check the gas tank. We were out of gas, not broken down. Made it to my destination, but late.

Burkina Faso almost 9 years ago     view →

While eating homemade sausage at our host brother's circumcision party there was an overwhelming taste of feces that hadn't been cleaned out of the intestine that the meat was stuffed into. Let's hear it for recycling! Still brushing our teeth.

Kazakhstan over 9 years ago     view →

Yesterday I had an appt with my PCMO for a pap. After not lubing the speculum (ouch), he took a cell sample, put it under the microscope and excitedly proclaimed, "I feel like I'm scuba diving!" All while I'm holding in my latest case of the runs. FMPCL

Ukraine over 9 years ago     view →


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