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We had to swab our urethra's with q-tips the size of toilet plungers in order to prove we had no sexually transmitted diseases in order to be qualified to run a summer camp for children because we didn't pay the appropriate bribes.

Moldova over 9 years ago     view →

To get to site, I have take an 8-seater plane, land on a grass runway (so if it rains, forget it), either hike 3 hours or jump a truck through the bush. OR I can jump on a cargo ship for 3 days. $300 RT to get to the PC office. FMPCL.

Vanuatu over 8 years ago     view →

Bats lived in my long-drop pit latrine. Found out the hard way. FMPCL

Kenya over 9 years ago     view →

Peace Corps Med office sent me to site with insulin but no needles to inject it. Also neglected to give me test strips to test my blood sugar levels. Thank god I came from the US prepared. FMPCL.

Ukraine over 8 years ago     view →

The English teacher hits the kids in the face for speaking in class. Then I'm supposed to teach the same students, to speak, in class. FMPCL

Mongolia over 9 years ago     view →

I changed my tampon on the side of the road, no place to hide from the 40 bus passengers staring intently. IFHA

Uganda over 9 years ago     view →

the day i moved out of my site, i shit my pants in front of my neighbors. thanks giardia! took the medication and broke out in a rash...and somehow manage to give myself an eye infection.

Malawi over 9 years ago     view →

Woke up at 2am shivering convulsively to the point that my muscles had all begun cramping, pillow and mattress completely saturated in sweat, delirious and hallucinating with a 104 degree fever. Malaria, you've beaten me once again. FMPCL

Togo about 9 years ago     view →

Brace yourself, winter is coming.

Armenia about 9 years ago     view →

First day on the job and was escorted out of the building by the mayor after he called me a spy. FMPCL

Albania about 9 years ago     view →


My service ended a year early when political violence made Peace Corps Mali have to evacuate. I feel like my PC experience is incomplete and I miss Mali, my villagers and my fellow PCVs so much, every day.

Mali over 9 years ago     view →

I was taking a piss in between train cars and saw the conductor coming my way, squeezed really hard to get it out faster and shat myself. Wiped my ass with COS papers.

Armenia over 9 years ago     view →

Got ditched on the side of the road because I wouldn't preemptively pay a driver a 10,000 shilling ($120, or 2/3 of our monthly stipend) bribe "just in case" for a police checkpoint up ahead. Did I mention it's the rainy season and I had luggage? FMPCL.

Kenya about 9 years ago     view →

when my host sister and i brought my drunk host father home from a festival he tried to pulled me into his bed with him. I couldn't get free. my host sister burried her face up against the wall because she was scared... fmpcl

Peru over 9 years ago     view →

The CD, SSO, RM and PCMO met with me after I wrote about a really scary host fam incident in my VRF. PC still won’t give a transfer, or promise not to use the host family again. The CD asked me not to show my face in the PC office for any reason.

Philippines over 9 years ago     view →

the mother of one of my students drank herself to death in the mother's day festival... fmpcl

Peru over 9 years ago     view →

After a year of surfing Facebook at my uninterested Host Country Agency, I initiated a secondary project teaching humanities at local colleges. Without talking to me, my HCA asked PC to send me home. And they did. F*** the PC.

Philippines over 9 years ago     view →

All I got for my birthday was a giardia diagnosis from the PCMO.

China over 9 years ago     view →

Urinating in the middle of the night when I looked down and noticed a snake between my legs. I just stood there shaking saying "Dear God" while it licked around my feet. 2 minutes later it slithered out, all five feet of it. FMPCL.

Cambodia over 8 years ago     view →

I threw out my trash the other day. Later found my host sister using a tampon apllicator as a whistle.

Cameroon almost 9 years ago     view →


This service has been brought to you by the struggles and suffering of Peace Corps Volunteers worldwide. Lucky them.
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